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Privacy Policy

1. What is ArozonaHomes Assure & what does it include?

ArozonaHomes Assure is an all-inclusive professional home maintenance service designed to make your stay super comfortable. Here’s what it includes:

  • 100% free repairs & maintenance within 1 month of of tenant move-in. And after2 months of on boarding house Be it a routine plumbing fix or an entire washing machine drum replacement. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, appliances, and furnishing repairs are covered.

  • Quarterly Assure Standard cleaning of the entire house. We’ll remove those cobwebs, scrub the ceiling-fans and acid-clean the kitchen & bathroom.

  • Quarterly house health check by a multi-skilled technician. Tell us everything that needs repair & we’ll fix it on the spot.

  • No Service Request’ Bonus - Get a refund of up to INR 600 every year if you have not raised any service tickets.

Please go through the full list of inclusions

AC Repair and maintenance is covered under Assure only for Delhi-NCR .

2. How do I subscribe to ArozonaHomes Assure and how much does it cost?

You can subscribe to ArozonaHomes Assure individually and enjoy the benefits of 100% free maintenance, no roommate approvals and high-quality cleaning. Further, if you can convince all your roommates to subscribe as well, you can all get a sweet discount. The Assure related charges for tenants across Delhi-NCR.

3. Are there any hidden charges? Do I have to pay for any repairs, maintenance and cleaning?

NO! The complete service package includes the cost of all the repairs and maintenance and will be paid by ArozonaHomes. Accidental/ intentional damage to property and certain issues are not covered in the policy. Please go through the full list of inclusions and exclusions here . AC Repair and maintenance is covered under Assure only for Delhi-NCR.

4. Can I as an individual subscribe to the service? How do house repair costs get attributed if only some tenants in the house subscribe?

Yes, you can at a price of INR 199 (plus taxes) per month. Your co-tenants will be charged for their share of actual costs for all repairs and maintenance. For example, if there are 4 tenants in the house and there is a washing machine repair that costs Rs. 4000, the subscribed tenant does not pay anything for the repair while the other 3 tenants in the house have to pay Rs. 1000 each.

5. How would I be charged for repairs if only I opt in or some of us opt for ArozonaHomes Assure?

In cases where there is a partial opt-in from a house i.e. if at least 1 tenant has opt-ed in to Assure service, the tenants who have opted-in receive all repairs and maintenance at no-extra cost while other tenants have to pay for their share based on actuals. Cleaning will be done only in the common area and for the rooms belonging to Assure tenants.

6. Can I unsubscribe/opt-out of the service?

Once you have signed up for the service docs you cannot opt-out of this service. It would be extremely unfair on the tenants who are already in the house and have opt-ed in to the service to not receive a service after everyone has agreed to be a part of it.. For example, if a new tenant moves in and suddenly the washing machine breaks down, the new tenant or the existing tenants don’t have to be pay unfairly with respect to the usage of washing machine, Assure takes care of it.

7. How can I schedule my quarterly home visit?

Once every 3 months, the Assure team will reach out to you via call, email or SMS with instructions to book a slot for 2-4 weeks later. Please follow the instructions and confirm a slot after discussing with your co-tenants. We shall then collect repair issues and cleaning requests over email / call which we shall resolve during the visit.

8. What if I want to reschedule my Assure home visit?

Our operations are designed to give you a high quality service when we visit your home. To deliver such a service, we have optimised our team’s travel time to your house location to be as less as possible and when you reschedule a slot, it affects the schedule of all other houses for that day and quality of work. So you cannot cancel your scheduled slot. Even if you are not individually present, please make sure atleast one of your co-tenants is present in the house.

9. After I subscribe, how do I raise a request for repair? Will I be charged for it?

If you want any repairs done, you have to raise a request through 8644000123 or in your dashboard in the ArozonaHomes App or website. Once you subscribe to Assure, you will not be charged for any repairs unless it is incidental or accidental damage. Please note that if the particular repair issue is not something that needs immediate fixing, we would suggest you raise it during your next Assure home visit so that you can claim your NSR bonus (No Service request bonus).

10. What is ‘No Service Request Bonus (NSR)’?

No service request bonus or NSR is a reward to you if you have not requested for any additional repairs other than those during the Assure home visit. 20% of the subscription fee you have paid is refunded automatically after every 6 months of stay if you have not raised any service requests for repairs. You can inform us through 8644000123 of all issues before the scheduled visit and when we resolve this during the visit and it will not be counted as a service ticket raised.

11. What are the issues that are not included?

The following aspects are not part of the Assure policy and its coverage.

  • Utility bills like Wifi, electricity, water bills, and related issues

  • Structural issues in the house i.e. repairs that involve seepage, cracks, false ceiling, MCB replacement and masonry. Electrical, wiring and plumbing issues that require structural changes to the property are not covered. These are subject to approval from the house owner

  • All additional items not mentioned in Assure list of items are not covered, such as decorative lights, microwave, water purifier.

  • Appliance & furniture replacement is subject to an inspection by an expert and approval of the owner of the appliance/ furniture

See the full list of inclusions and exclusions here.

13. What if I stay for only half a month - how much would I be charged ?
The amount you will be charged is only for the number of days you have stayed in the house. For example, if you have stayed for 15 days, you will be charged only for the 15 days i.e. half the amount of the monthly subscription amount.

14. Who is responsible if I lose my belonging(s)?
You shall be solely liable for your belongings in the house during the repair and maintenance activities and ArozonaHomes shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any loss/theft arising during such maintenance/repair activity.